Today's garden transformation!

Today's garden transformation!

Today's garden transformation comes from @therestingplacehomereno on Instagram! Are you looking for some unique garden trellis ideas? Then look no further! Their beautiful garden transformation is a thing of beauty, and we are OBSESSED!

They have created a pergola to house some light boxes, highlighting three of our wonderful, black, Frond trellis panels and creating a beautiful pool of garden light. This centrepiece is truly awe-inspiring and is a breath of fresh air from the traditional garden lighting, string lights and fire pits.

We had the pleasure of speaking to the husband and wife DIY team to ask about their gorgeous transformation. They gave us a step-by-step of the beautiful transformation, commenting on the ease of the project, hence being keen to share with other amateur garden DIYers!

The first step in the process was building the wooden pergola. Creating a simple frame and cladding with wooden boards allowed the pair to create a wall-like structure, forming one side of the semi-enclosed area.

 This pergola is then used to house the Frond trellis-fronted light boxes, creating a tunnel of light as the light boxes reflect on both the top and the bottom. Arguably, the stand-out piece in this transformation is the astounding light boxes! Although they look sleek, they were simple to create and can easily be made by you at home! We asked the duo how they created their eye-catching pieces:

“First we painted the internal box sections with black paint, then glued grass into the back of the box. We then added the lighting and some beaded strips to hold them in securely”

The lights that they have added to the bottom of each both perfectly shine through the gaps in the Frond design, creating stunning shadows of the botanical leaf design. Our maximal botanical pattern, Frond, is a stunning take on a soft, organic floral design, replicating the stunning botanical shapes of your garden.

You could however create this with any of our garden trellises! Image the shapes that would be reflected from our Moucharabiya trellises! The 5mm width allows you to easily screw the trellises onto different surfaces, including this wooden frame. Their sleek size means they don't bulk out your walls and take up unnecessary space, which is extremely important when working with small gardens!

The combination of brick pattern, pergola cover, decking and of course the light boxes transforms this space into a cosy space which can often be hard to replicate outdoors! Echoing the reviews of over 5,000 happy customers, the pair said:

“We are so over the moon with them, we can't wait to add more to the front of the house and the lower garden, they truly add something unique to the space”

We are truly inspired by the transformation of their garden and have thoroughly enjoyed understanding the depth of the project! Do you have an amazing transformation that you think we should know about? Let us know by tagging us in your social media posts or messaging us directly! We love seeing how you use our products!

The products used in this project are:

3 x 5mm, black Frond trellises

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