45mm Slat Panels

Finally! Slatted screens made in wood composite. Slatted screening for the garden has been an ever growing trend. The problem up until now has been that they were fiddly to construct and had all the pitfalls of working with wood - painting, warping and maintenance. Enjoy the best slatted screens on the market - pre-assembled in wood composite that means no painting, not warping and zero maintenance. 
Slatted screen kits and slatted screen fence panels in black

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 3ft - Black - 45mm slat


Slatted fence panels in black wood composite by Screen With Envy

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 4ft - Black - 45mm slat


Contemporary garden fencing panels by Screen With Envy in cream wood composite

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 3ft - Cream - 45mm slat


Slatted privacy screen by Screen With Envy for use as slat fence

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 4ft - Cream - 45mm slat


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