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Vector - Large Garden Screen

Product image 1Large herringbone pattern garden screen panel by Screen With Envy
Product image 2High quality garden screen installed, made by Screen With Envy for UK conditions
Product image 3Garden privacy screen and trellis installed freestanding for privacy, by Screen With Envy
Product image 4Garden privacy screen and trellis installed on brickwork, in herringbone pattern, by Screen With Envy
Product image 5Vector - Large Garden Screen

Regular price £150.00

There's something that takes your breath away looking at the rows of perfect diagonal symmetrical lines featured in our Vector privacy screen. This product is truly a piece of garden art, providing your garden with a beautiful centrepiece this summer.


  • 1800mm x 900mm
  • Modern black finish

Key benefits

  • The Vector privacy screen adds personality and style to your garden, giving it a modern fresh appeal
  • Free next day delivery
  • Vector privacy screen fits vertically and horizontally to create stunning herringbone patterns
  • Simple to install
  • Advanced UV protection to prevent fading 
  • Made from wood composite, it will not warp and is incredibly easy to maintain

 If you live in an urban area and are overlooked, it might be time to consider the Vector privacy screen to add intimacy and seclusion to your outside space. Vector garden privacy screens offer excellent privacy while still allowing an abundance of natural light.

The Vector garden screen can also be used to add architectural interest to neglected areas of your garden, such as an old shed or a crumbling brick wall. Rather than replacing tired exteriors this clever solution provides an immediate and lasting transformation for a fraction of the cost of landscaping or structural projects. 

Clients with little outdoor space love the way the Vector privacy screen enables a dramatic transformation of small spaces as a small outdoor patio may not offer you the space to plant tall screening hedges. The Vector screen has a small footprint, but adds both style and privacy to a patio.

This screen is uniquely suited to the contemporary garden. Its dramatic lines highlight the contrasting textures and colours of the modern garden. If you are searching for something to buy the gardener who has everything then look no further. Keen gardeners will appreciate its durability and functionality as a trellis for climbing plants. 

Finding durable garden screening solutions in the UK is difficult. Experienced gardeners know that Britain’s weather conditions mean wood products often warp, mould and fade, quickly looking old and dated. The Vector screen promises a lasting transformation to your outside space. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our products are resistant to weathering and ageing, including submerging the screens in water to ensure that they will not warp during the wet months. The screen is also protected it against UV damage so that it will not fade in the brighter seasons.

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