Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis

Product image 1Islamic garden wall art in geometric pattern by Screen With Envy
Product image 2Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 3Cream geometric design Kaleidoscope screen detail by Screen With Envy
Product image 4Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 5Garden wall art and trellis installed on blue wall by Screen With Envy
Product image 6Garden privacy screen or trellis installed freestanding by Screen With Envy
Product image 7Backlit geometric designer garden screen wall art by Screen With Envy
Product image 8Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 9Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 10Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 11Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 12Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 13Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 14Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 15Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 16Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis
Product image 17Kaleidoscope - Medium Garden Trellis

Regular price £40.00

Dove Grey

The Kaleidoscope medium garden screen is where screening and garden wall art meet. If you have been looking for a beautiful addition to your garden that can withstand the UK weather, then look no further. 

  • 1200 mm x 600 mm 
  • 2 thicknessess available
  • 3 on-trend colours to choose from
Key benefits
  • Free next day delivery across the UK
  • Modular system, can be installed either vertically or horizontally to fit any area
  • Simple to install, either free standing or attached to fences and walls
  • Made of advanced wood-plastic composite material
  • Resistant to weathering, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly
What thickness do I need?

All of our screens come in 2 thicknesses. If you need a freestanding screen, then take the 16mm option. If you want to attach the screen to a surface, then take the thinner 5mm version. Our 16mm thick screens are perfect for creating freestanding screenings using our posts. Our 5mm screens are perfect as cladding. They are designed to be simply drilled onto outdoor surfaces to hide unsightly fences or boring walls. If you are not sure about which thickness is best for your project - simply open the chat window and ask us! We would be delighted to help you work out which is best for your project. 

Are there matching posts?

Yes! We have a range of purpose built posts designed for our 16mm thick screens to make them freestanding. We have full height an half height posts so the screens can be used upright or horizontally. All posts come with a choice of baseplate, meaning they can be installed onto any surface. See them here.  

Delivery & Returns 

We offer FREE Next-day delivery across the whole of the UK. Simply place your order before 11am and your order will arrive the next working day. 

We offer a 14-day no questions asked returns policy. If the product ins't right for you, simply let us know and we will organise for it to be picked up from you.

Can I paint them? 

Yes, absolutely! However they will loose their "zero maintenance" aspect once you paint them, as they will need ongoing painting, as all painted products outside do! 

Can I cut them to size? 

Yes, all of our composite screens can be cut to fit any area. The internal material itself it totally weatherproof, so cutting them to size will not affect their longevity outdoors. 

Why choose Screen With Envy?

Screen With Envy just does  screen. That is our passion and skill base and our only expertise! We are a UK family business who care greatly about our clients projects and are passionate about all things screening. We are not a big hardware store selling anything and everything. We design and manufacture every product ourselves and can help you solve any garden screening project. Feel free to call us or drop us a line - anytime!

How do I install?

Because our products can be cut and drilled and do not expand and contract with changes in the weather, you can simply drill them into any surface. Your fences, brick walls, wooden batons or pergolas - the applications are endless! 
If you need a hand or have any questions about installation please do contact us

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