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Cream Cubed Tall Garden Trellis 6ft x 1ft

Product image 1Cream composite Art Deco design garden trellis by Screen With Envy
Product image 22 cream Cubed trellises by Screen With Envy installed on a wall
Product image 3Two cream and one black geometric Cubed trellises by Screen With Envy installed in a garden
Product image 4Black Cubed art deco inspired garden trellis by Screen With Envy

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The Cubed Garden Trellis offers a gorgeous accent for your garden evoking a fresh take on garden trellising with its modern geometric design. Made of composite wood, this contemporary trellis offers the warmth and luxury of a wood finish, with the performance and durability of plastic.




  • 6ft x 1ft / 180 cm x 30 cm /  72inches x 12 inches
  • Available in striking black





  • No need to paint - ever!
  • Cut from one continuous piece - no nails or flimsy parts that can break
  • On trend design - makes a unique addition to your garden
  • Fully weather and waterproof - won’t rot, mould or age
  • Easy to install onto any surface





Made of advanced composite material, this trellis can withstand sudden changes in temperature and adverse climate conditions — including damp conditions and contact with water — without cracking, rotting or splintering.


This trellis is made of advanced composite material that resists sudden changes in temperature and adverse climate condition — including damp conditions and contact with water — without cracking, splintering or rotting. This is so critical when we think about the UK weather.


Unlike traditional wooden trellises (which look tired and weathered after a few weeks in the rain), this trellis will maintain its original beauty. Its composite wood does not require annual maintenance, such as sealing, oiling, painting or varnishing. It is designed to look the same year after year, without any touchups or ongoing maintenance.


The Cubed weatherproof trellis is also very easy to clean. It is coated with protective UV coating to prevent fading, mud and outdoor debris that can mar its appearance. It is impervious to water, soil or any stains. To clean it, use a wet stone or hose it down to have it looking brand new again.


A further benefit to the Cube garden trellis is that is made from one continuous piece of wood composite. That means it will never fall apart or crack into sections. Our trellises are built to withstand the UK rain for years!

How to install


The Cubed trellis can be installed against any surface - brickwork or a fence panel are both suitable.  As it is a wood composite you can install it as you would do wood with either screws or u-clips, there is no need to buy special fixings for this product. 

You can also attach it to the back of a planter so that it stands upright to make a stunning addition to your planters, without the need for special fixings. Simply drill screws into the sides or use u-clips to keep it secure.

Many clients buy a several of the Cubed trellises to install strategically around their gardens to create a custom, stunning effect that friends and family will enjoy. In doing so the trellises can form a striking outdoor feature wall along your fence, or raised beds. The patterns on the panels will create a seamless tiling effect that will be very attractive. 


If you want to buy for a gardener who has everything, this garden trellis will make a welcome gift. Avid gardeners will appreciate the beauty of the design and the durability which means it won't need maintaining, or replacing. 

This cubed geometric trellis looks splendid in the winter, when climbing plants die back. This gives you a unique focal point to your garden while your plants re-charge for the spring. During the spring and summer months, you can enjoy the lush leaves and blooms that grow up its unique design while providing a striking backdrop to admire them. The textures and contours of your brickwork and fence panel will be visible through the pattern on the trellis panel, enhancing is aesthetic design.

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