Shattered Medium Garden Screen 4ft x 2ft

Product image 1Modern garden trellis by Screen With Envy in black geometric pattern
Product image 2Shattered Medium Garden Screen 4ft x 2ft
Product image 3Cream modern design garden screen detail by Screen With Envy
Product image 4Shattered Medium Garden Screen 4ft x 2ft
Product image 5Modern black garden privacy screen installed freestanding

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Dove Grey

If you’re looking for a modern take on the garden trellis this Spring, then look no further than the Shattered garden trellis. Inspired by the irregular and beautiful patterns of broken glass this trellis is unlike anything else on the market. Move on from dated trellises and have this as a beautiful feature for your modern garden. 


  • 1200 mm x 600 mm / 4ft x 2ft / 47.2 inches x 23.6 inches 
  • Modern black finish 

Key benefits

  • Unique, striking and beautiful, the Shattered adds a modern touch to your garden
  • Free next day delivery across the UK
  • Modular system, can be installed either vertically or horizontally to fit any area
  • Simple to install, you can drill directly into the trellis
  • Made of advanced wood-plastic composite material - meaning it will not warp, age or fade
  • Resistant to weathering, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly


The Shattered is a stunning take on trellising and privacy screening. Traditional trellises are marred by both their old fashioned designs and poorly constructed materials. We all know what they look like once they have been out in the UK rain for a few weeks, quickly fading and falling apart. The Shattered is a step away from that world and a modern answer to trellising problems. The design is beautiful, modern and timeless. It lets enough light through to not block out the sun entirely, but creates a private space when used for privacy screening. 

The Shattered trellis is also cut from one entire piece of wood composite, so it is incredibly strong. Where normal trellises are made from lots of pieces of wood joined together they have inherent weaknesses - where those joins are, they are weak and likely to break. On the other hand, this trellis is strong enough to support any thing you may throw at it, climbing plants of any strength would not effect its structural integrity. 

Asides from its strength, it also has a unique and beautiful style. We all know how horrid the garden can look in winter when all the plants die back and you are left looking at water logged grey trellises! No such problem with this trellis. Even when plants die back in the winter this trellis makes a stunning wall art feature. Indeed this design is often used as a stand alone piece of wall art without plants as it is quite a beautiful and unique addition to a bare wall or unloved part of the garden. 

Like all our garden screens and trellises the Shattered trellis is made of an advanced wood composite that is designed and build to last in the UK rain. Fully waterproof and weatherproof it was initially tested by being submerged in water for months on end. Really.

In addition to its quite amazing weatherproof capacities it can also be cut and drilled directly. What that means is that you can literally drill right through it to attach it to any surface - planters, brick walls, existing fences - you name it. Likewise, if like many people in the UK, you have slightly awkward or non standard areas that need screening, you can simply cut this with a saw as you would do normal wood products. This gives an amazing flexibility and means you can use it to fit into any area in the garden. 

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, this is a zero maintenance trellis. Really. All of our garden screens and trellises require no maintenance whatsoever. No staining, sealing, sanding, painting - anything! Just install them and watch as they stay as they are for year after year in the sun and rain! 

Whether you want to create a sense of space through borders and boundaries or desire a stunning feature that draws the eye, these garden screens will help you create a garden that rewards the senses and nourishes the imagination.





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