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Large Garden Privacy Screens

Shop our stunning collection of large garden privacy screens and trellises. All are made from our advanced wood composite material - meaning they do not warp, age or mould. Incredibly durable, they are also simple to install to any outdoor surface. Modular by design they can fit any area and can be cut down to size easily. These screens are very large and make a striking addition to any garden, while creating a secluded outdoor space. We design all our own screens and trellises to give your garden privacy without compromising on style. We offer free delivery on all orders and hassle free returns. Click on any screen to see more details, and pictures of them installed.

Moucharabiya - Large Garden Screen


Alhambra Large Garden Screen 6ft x 3ft


Kerplunk - Large Garden Screen


Hana Large Garden Screen 6ft x 3ft


Souk - Large Garden Trellis


Vector - Large Garden Screen


Slatted fence panels in black wood composite by Screen With Envy

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 3ft - Black - 30mm slat


Slatted screen kits and slatted screen fence panels in black

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 3ft - Black - 45mm slat


Horizontal slatted fence panels in 30mm black slats by Screen With Envy

Slatted Screen - 6ft x 4ft - Black - 30mm slat


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