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Alhambra Medium Garden Screen - 4ft x 2ft

Product image 1Stylish black Alhambra garden wall art screen by Screen With Envy
Product image 2Black geometric designer composite screen by Screen With Envy behind a planter
Product image 3Cream geometric Alhabrama screen by Screen With Envy

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The Alhambra medium garden screen is where screening and garden wall art meet. If you have been looking for a beautiful addition to your garden that can withstand the UK weather, then look no further. 


  • 1200 mm x 600 mm / 4ft x 2ft / 47.2 inches x 23.6 inches. 16mm thick
  • Modern black finish 

Key benefits

  • Unique, striking and beautiful, the Alhambra adds atmosphere to any garden
  • Free next day delivery across the UK
  • Modular system, can be installed either vertically or horizontally to fit any area
  • Simple to install, either free standing or attached to fences and walls
  • Made of advanced wood-plastic composite material
  • Resistant to weathering, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly

Why choose the Alhambra garden screen?

When we designed the Alhambra medium garden screen we wanted to make something both beautiful, and functional. This garden panel can be used in a number of clever way. Some clients attach it directly to a wall or fence to create a stunning piece of outdoor wall art. Because the the pattern of the screen is also quite open it lets a lot of light through, which means it is perfect for training plants up. When the plants die back in the winter you are left with a beautiful piece of garden wall art to enjoy through the colder months. 

So, the Alhambra is perfect if you are looking for a design led, outdoor screen or trellis than you will never need to maintain, looks beautiful, and it more durable than standard screens or trellising. 

Why choose Screen With Envy?

Screen With Envy just does  screen. That is our passion and skill base and our only expertise! We are a UK family business who care greatly about our clients projects and are passionate about all things screening. We are not a big hardware store selling anything and everything. We design and manufacture every product ourselves and can help you solve any garden screening project. Feel free to call us or drop us a line - anytime!

How do I install?

Because our products can be cut and drilled and do not expand and contract with changes in the weather, you can simply drill them into any surface. Your fences, brick walls, wooden batons or pergolas - the applications are endless! 
If you need a hand or have any questions about installation please do contact us

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