Kerplunk Cream Garden Screen - 6ft x 3ft

Product image 1Modern garden screen panel by Screen With Envy in cream
Product image 2Kerplunk Cream Garden Screen - 6ft x 3ft
Product image 3Kerplunk Cream Garden Screen - 6ft x 3ft
Product image 4Kerplunk Cream Garden Screen - 6ft x 3ft
Product image 5Modern garden screen panel by Screen With Envy in black

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The Kerplunk privacy screen is a stunning, unique design adding personality your garden. Inspired by everyone's childhood family game, its intersecting diagonal lines are both inviting and eye-catching.


  • 1800mm x 900mm
  • Modern black finish

Key benefits

  • Our Kerplunk privacy screen will provide you with the perfect stylish decor to keep your garden on-trend this summer
  • Free next day delivery across the UK
  • Modular system - this outdoor privacy screen can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit any space
  • UV protected to prevent fading
  • Made from advanced wood composite, with no risk of warping or ageing
  • Simple to install and requires no maintenance

The eye-catching Kerplunk is ideal as a decorative privacy panel to conceal parts of your garden that you haven't got round to tackling, as well as a perfect stand-alone piece of garden art. 

The Kerplunk also works wonders if you live in an overlooked urban or built-up area. As a privacy screen it protects your garden, turning it into a calm and intimate space, while still allowing an abundance of natural light.

As well as its stunning looks, the Kerplunk garden screen is highly functional. Many gardeners use this style as a trellis to grow plants up. The advanced composition of all our screens means they are far more durable than plain wood alternatives that may be subject to mould, warp and age. As such, they make a unique gift for the gardener who has everything!

The UK has a very wet climate meaning privacy screening solutions and trellises made of wood may warp and fade. The Kerplunk garden screen has been designed to stand up to years of rain and moisture without ageing. They have been subjected to extensive tests to ensure the highest standards, including being submerged in water to be sure that they show absolutely no signs of warping when damp. They have also been treated to ensure that they will not fade in the summer months. Sun and water resistant, these screens will maintain their pristine condition all year round, for years to come. 

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